Reasons to Apply Automation to your Enterprise

Automated Engineering

An automation engineer can take those tedious tasks that your employees perform on a yearly, monthly, weekly, or even daily basis and implement an application which can significantly reduce the manual labor required for the same end result. Regardless of your company or your industry, employing or contracting an automation engineer can dramatically improve various aspects of your workplace environment. Here's how:

Company Morale

Remember that your company is nothing without the employees that support it. It has been reported that employees that are stuck with repetitive tasks that detract from their day to day efforts are more likely to report job disatisfaction.

Financial Savings & Opportunity Cost

We have had clients that take 3-5 employees off of their normal routine to help with automatable tasks. This leads to 3-5 employees having to be paid for the work that one person could ultimately complete. There is a cost that is incurred for this, and sometimes it could be thousands of dollars. With an automation engineer you might spend more up front, but in the long term the cost savings could be tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of dollars depending on your industry.

Do not know if your task can be automated?

Here's our checklist:

  1. Is it tedious?
  2. Does it have a lot of repetitive actions?
  3. Is a majority of it done on the computer or some form of tech platform (ie: phones, tablets, hardware)?

If your answer is Yes to 2+ of these questions. Reach out to us without obligation. Even if you do not wish to hire us at the end of our talk, we will gladly provide any short term solution we can think of.

Written By: Alexander Whipp

From: Venture Focused Consulting