Web Design Trends in 2017 So Far

With more and more on the internet, today is the day you absolutely need to stand out from the crowd. To do so you will need a design that will take your website to the next level.

Here are five trends for 2017 so far that will definitely energize your website's design:

1. Color

Choosing color for a website is really important. It can influence visitors’ emotions, thoughts, and conversion rates. So, what are going to be the color trends for 2017?

Pantone has unveiled their 2017 color of the year – Greenery. It’s been chosen as a symbol of new beginnings; a refreshing and revitalizing shade. We don’t expect every website in 2017 to be green, but there will be several web designs inspired by this.


If you’re looking for inspiration regarding color combinations, you can view some of Pantone’s recommended color pairings on their Color of 2017 page.

2. Bold, Creative Typography

Today, more and more companies are turning to big, bold typography to anchor their homepages. This style works best when the rest of the page is kept minimal and clean. You could see it in the example from Destino Fashion.


3. Large Background Images

This is an interesting web design trend worth mentioning. It’s quite a simple, yet curious one.

In the Nielsen Norman Group eyetracking studies, we could see that people generally ignore cheesy and artificial looking photos.  Beautiful and, most importantly, natural looking photos will be the best choice for your web designs or blog posts in 2017. The images help us engage more with users and illustrate the message we are trying to send.


4. Video Background Web Design Trend

Besides still images and photos, moving visuals will also become more important in this year.

High-quality videos or GIFs that run on a smooth, continuous loop, have become a popular way to add movement and visual interest to your stores. Full-screen loops, like this stunning example below, are sure to hold visitors’ attention for longer than a quick glance.


5. Mobile-first and Responsive Design

One of the most significant design trends to follow in 2017, mobile-first and responsive design have been around for a couple years.

With the way mobile web traffic is exploding, phones and tablets are well on their way to becoming many users’ primary devices. According to SmartInsights, users spend about 71% of their time on mobile devices. This means that if you want to succeed in today’s market, you have to be brief, focused on the content and performance which takes advantage of advanced features, like mobility, GPS, touch screen and more, that desktops aren’t able to offer.


In Summary

From above, we have compiled some new things that have been trending in late 2016 and early 2017. We think everything on this list is pretty great. However, you should choose your own design depending on what you are working on and other important factors. The trends mentioned in this article are just a few of the core developments coming out of this year. We hope that they are helpful to set your business on the right path for the rest of the year.